Why This Is A Good Time To Invest In Sex Toys?

Sexual pleasures can also be enjoyed on your old knees. Whether you live in a couple or yourself, you can help with quality erotic toys. We chose the 7 best sex utensils in the table, suitable for older sex lovers. The leaderboard is put together for men and women. All toys can be used in a pair or separately. At the same time, we were looking for the lowest price, health-consciousness and best features and functionality. Make your leisure time retired and enjoy the climax as often as you like. With little helpers it’s not that hard. Even older women are still sensitive to clitoral irritation and orgasm can easily reach. Older men have problems with erection, but with a suitable aid, it can be solved and splattered.

We can find a number of sexual aids on the shelves of sex shops and sex shop sites. Anyone would say that the assortment certainly will not surprise him. But we can meet various smiles or rarity pieces. Each year, it also brings news. Come and join us in the interesting world of sex toys!

Birth of Sex Toy Business

Sexual aids belong to man since time immemorial, and the first documented tools for sexual diversion or substitution can be found in prehistory. The oldest artificial penis in the world is made of sandstone; it is more than 19 centimeters in length and is about 28,000 years old. The importance of similar substitutes is evidenced by the fact that the vibrator became a sewing machine, a hair dryer, a kettle and a toaster in 1899 with the fifth electrical appliance in the household. From the past, one Czech, or Czechoslovak, special, comes from the word “robertek”. To pride in their own name all Robert’s allegedly assisted by their namesake, who once used to rent vibrators in Prague.

Current Demand Graph of Sex Toys in the Market

Sexual aids have changed somewhat since then, but their liking remains. Even more and more people are buying erotic toys. Last year, demand for Sex toys for seniorsgrew by 20%, both by men and women. People spend more than 1 billion a year on erotic aids. Erotic toys are bought by about 40% of working-age people and spend around $ 1,500 for one purchase. With ever-increasing tolerance and awareness, erotic toys are nowadays acquiring not only men but also women, almost in a comparable amount. Although women are still preoccupied with anonymous purchases through online stores, generally speaking, stone stores usually serve both sexes mainly to buy more expensive and more luxurious toys. The main difference between men’s and women’s sex shopping is the products. While men buy toys in particular that they will be able to use with their partners and sex so common sex, women often seek help for themselves.

The average couple has sex nineteen times a year. The vibes are mostly helped by the vibrators in the bedrooms, which make up one third of the purchased pieces. There are plenty of waterproof, double, and rotating. Additionally, supplements such as lubricating gels and erotic clothes or costumes are also popular. But clothes and costumes are no longer just women’s privileges and we can also find many interesting sets for men. Other frequently used aids include erection rings, balls of Venus, various massage devices and oral simulators.

Shoppers often also buy fun products with crazy names or products that mimic, for example, animals or characters. The scale includes innocent prank things and bizarre things that can persecute us in strenuous nightmares. “You cannot imagine what nonsense producers can produce, the biggest disgust is probably a silicone virgin of the size and appearance of a child,” adds one of the executives of leading online sex shops.

However, people are not afraid or experimenting, and they are also increasingly buying artificial vaginas, gags and means of tying or inflatable virgins. For example, these virgins were used in a three-hole wooden version already in ancient China. Nowadays, in the world, the trend in the production of inflatable companions is to make the most realistic design possible. If you break a piggy, you can buy a life-sized silicone virgin about 40,000 in our sex shows. In the assortment of sex shops we can find entire shelves focused on various specialties, such as electrosex. With the hit of 50 shades of gray, there has also recently been a growing interest in BDSM themes. The bedside cookie is becoming a commonplace issue and the offer extends more diverse and refined toys such as latex masks, collars or tie straps and ropes. Special products designed for people with homosexual orientation are also available. For example, single gay men can enjoy making an inflatable partner for lonely winter evenings called Angelo.

Development of Sex Toys

One of the major trends in the development of sexual aids is the use of new materials and special technologies to achieve unusual sensations and quality design. Even in a regular offer, it is possible to encounter pieces that could be confused with a completely different product, such as lipstick or even a small work of art. Today’s standard ergonomically shaped toys are waterproof and practical. As far as materials are concerned, their supply has become widespread and the buyers no longer have to settle for metal, plastic or glass. For example, hypoallergenic or human skin imitating materials can be selected. New technologies also offer virtual reality experiences and remote control of devices, for example, the latest piece is just a vibrator from LoveGasm that is controlled via a mobile application. Thanks to technological advances, many of the tools have also been relieved of unpleasant audio accompaniment and battery power. Often, short charging via USB cable is sufficient.

It would seem that the trends in sexual aids only focus on young people. But it would be a mistake to think that only young people shop in sex shops. There are also many seniors who like to visit and according to statistics, almost 3 percent of people over 65 years of age like to buy their toys or erotic clothes from time to time.

And because in the autumn and winter months, especially around Christmas, erotic aids are traditionally bought the most, it seems like it’s high time to go out and explore the news on the shelves.