Latex Guide for Beginners : Satisfying Your Latex Fetish

A passionate game between dominance and devotion includes toys, furniture and matching clothing. After all, nobody enters the basement or the studio in fine rib or floral panties. The range of matching clothes is great. In addition to the prevailing color black, red and white are particularly popular.

What is special about Sadomaso clothing?

The cuts and shapes are very different. Basically, the material should bring an additional, the pleasure-enhancing effect. Some SM supporters call themselves as material fetishists. In SM clothing usually reflects the dominant or submissive role again. Especially latex, paint and leather are popular. Some pieces also have additional eyelets and buckles for the bondage. You will need to know also What is a latex fetish? Let us have a look at that.

Leather clothing

Leather is probably the typical material associated with sadomaso. You can dress up in leather from head to toe. Even the selection of shoes is great. While gentlemen rely on elegant models or rough boots, ladies have many options. Depending on personal taste, there are high heels, ankle boots, normal boots or over knees up to far above the knee.

For outerwear, there are classic items for men such as pants and shirts. In addition, but also very special SM clothing made of leather is offered. These include tops made of wide straps, often with one or more buckles for restraints. Also tartan skirts are gladly taken. For special lovers you can even find body suits, masks and mongooses.

The ladies also have a great choice of leather clothes. Again, the classic garments such as skirts, pants, blouses and dresses are on offer. While the material for men is rather rough, it should emphasize the female body of ladies, so is usually tight and is pleasantly soft – nape leather is often used. Special pieces are cat suits made of genuine leather or clothing with function in the SM, for example, Mono gloves for bondage.

PVC Clothing

Vinyl clothing gets its name from the glossy surface, as a material is usually used for a coating of polyurethane. In the public are especially appropriate pieces for women known, but also men find here some pieces – usually they are worn by devout assessed men.

For ladies, on the other hand, both subs and mistresses like to wear this material. Corresponding garments are, for example, tight leggings, pants, dresses and skirts. A special feature of the material is that it is available in all colors. In addition, it is cheaper to buy than latex and leather.

Latex Clothing

Latex clothing is one of the very special accessories in the SM area. The rubber is available in two basic versions. Either skin or as so-called “heavy rubber “, especially thick rubber.

Gentlemen rarely wear tight latex, for example, leggings or tight-fitting shirts are offered. Often the thick versions are often bought: body suits sweat bags, masks.

Ladies like to wear latex. Body-emphasizing cat suits, tight skirts and especially dresses are popular pieces for the SM range.

Other materials from SM clothing

SM clothing can also be made from very different materials. Because ultimately everything is possible, which makes you want to? Nylon, wet look or even a suit made of cotton is just as conceivable as silk, PVC and, of course, even naked skin.

Tips for buying Sadomaso clothing

Fancy pieces like latex cat suits, leather tartan skirts or lacquered uniforms are not available in every shop. In addition, the clothes should also sit perfectly; after all, you also spend a lot of money for it! We therefore recommend a look at the internet. The specialized online shops carry many sizes, colors and types of clothing. So you do not have to drive from one store to the next, all providers are just a click away. You just have to go to Laidtex.

Care and cleaning of clothes

After the erotic game the clothes should be cleaned and cared for properly in each case. Normal fabrics like cotton just have to be put into the washing machine. For leather, latex and paint that is not so easy.

Lacquer can usually be washed by hand, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. If possible, do not crumple the clothes too much because otherwise wrinkles may remain. Therefore just hang it up to dry.

Leather must be treated with appropriate care products from time to time. These are available in normal retail as well as in erotic needs. Washing with water is not possible. For stains or other contaminants, the area should be treated with a dry or slightly damp cloth. If necessary, use a care product.

Even latex must be well maintained. The advantage of the rubber is that impurities can be removed very easily because they do not hold on the material in principle. To clean the latex, it is best to dip it in a filled washbasin with a little mild soap. After washing, rinse the material with plenty of water. To care afterwards, it is essential to spray with silicone oil and store protected from sunlight!

BDSM is probably one of the most intimate forms of lovemaking. The condition for this is total dedication. Many important factors play a role here. Wishes, dreams, fears and, above all, mutual respect. Four important conditions for BDSM are: security, trust, consent and responsibility.

No matter when and with whom, the basis for BDSM is always trust! Anyone who has been more involved with BDSM takes the four conditions for BDSM very seriously. The mutual trust of both partners is indispensable. Only on the basis of the trust you can completely indulge in the game. Also, the sub participates 100% voluntarily in the session. That is why it is important to set limits in advance.

  1. BDSM for the curious

Let’s start at the beginning: BDSM stands for Bondage & Discipline (discipline), Dominance & Submission (submission), and Sadism & Masochism. It’s all about a certain form of power and submission that is often (but not necessarily) lived out in sexuality.

  1. Which BDSM Toy should it be?

The world of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance, and Submission) is seductive and exciting. BDSM is all about the relationship of power, lust and pain. If you want to inform yourself fundamentally about BDSM, have a look at our page “BDSM for the Curious”. There you will find all the rules and tips at a glance and get exciting information about the different types of games and the matching toys.