6 Hawaiian-Inspired Ways to Feel Beautiful This Summer

You don’t have to take a plane to Hawaii to enjoy some of the natural resources found on their gorgeous surroundings. Everything from the volcanic ash that helped to form the islands to the coffee they drink to perk up each day can help you feel more beautiful no matter where you live! Plus, you can give yourself a Hawaiian manicure that’s perfect for summer.

Take a look below to see how you can pamper yourself pretty with some island-derived, age-defying miracle workers!

Diminish cellulite with Kona coffee

Grown on the state’s Big Island, Kona coffee is rich in caffeine, which boosts circulation to flush the trapped toxins and fluids that make cellulite more noticeable. Pair it with moisturizing coconut oil, and skin will be soft, smooth and dimple-free in no time.

TRY IT! Mix 1⁄4 cup of Kona coffee grounds, like Hawaiian Isles Kona Classic Coffee ($14.99, Amazon) and 1⁄4 cup of coconut oil. Massage a handful onto dimply areas, then rinse.

Fade age spots with pineapple

Hawaii’s most famous fruit contains alpha hydroxy acids that increase cell turnover and bleach-like enzymes that lighten skin. And its antioxidants ward off UV rays to prevent new spots from forming. Mix with exfoliating yogurt and humectant honey to speed results.

TRY IT! Mix 1 Tbs. of crushed pineapple with 1 Tbs. of plain yogurt and 2 tsp. of honey. Apply to spots; let sit 10 minutes. Rinse.

Nix body breakouts with volcanic “ashes”

Courtesy of Hawaiian volcanoes, absorbent clay acts like a magnet to pull the dirt, oil, and impurities that cause blemishes right out of skin, while its antibacterial compounds help kill acne-causing bacteria.

TRY IT! In a plastic bowl, mix 1 Tbs. of clay powder, like Living Clay Detox Clay Powder ($9.28, Amazon) and 3 Tbs. of water. Dot onto blemishes; rinse off after 5 minutes.

Boost hair growth with hibiscus

Packed with hair-essential B vitamins, the state flower fortifies strands at the root to reduce hair loss. And its amino acids help stimulate the scalp and follicles to encourage healthy hair growth, says Jennifer Holzworth, spa director at Montage Kapalua Bay in Lahaina, Hawaii.

TRY IT! Steep 2 hibiscus tea bags in 3 cups of boiling water. Once cool, remove bags and pour tea onto damp hair. Rub into the scalp; leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse.

Firm crepe-y skin with kukui nut oil

Vitamin A-rich kukui nut oil (derived from Hawaii’s kukui nut tree) promotes collagen and elastin production to tighten skin on the chest and neck. Even better? Fatty acids in the oil deeply hydrate and plump to fill in lines for crease-free skin.

TRY IT! Rub a dime-sized amount of kukui nut oil, like Alba Botanica Hawaiian Deep Moisturizing Kukui Nut ($10.44, Amazon), onto wrinkly skin.

Island paradise at your fingertips

Re-create the breathtaking Hawaiian sunset on your fingertips

Step 1: Paint the bottom half of each nail with a coral polish, and the top half with a bright yellow; let dry.

Step 2: Paint a thick stripe of orange polish, onto a makeup sponge and roll the sponge onto nails between the yellow and coral for an ombré effect; let dry.

Step 3: Use a black polish pen, to draw a palm tree and birds on the nail of the ring finger. Finish with a clear top coat.