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Today they talk a lot about the need to eat healthy food, regular exercise, but it is equally important for a woman to take care of her intimate health.

There are some effective tips that will make a woman feel attractive, confident and healthy:

The mucous and skin of the intimate area is delicate and requires delicate hygiene. Therefore, do not use any “lumpy” soap. Only liquid pharmacy tool for intimate hygiene. Prophylactic use of antibacterial and antiseptic liquid products will lead to disruption of the vaginal flora and dry mucous membranes.

  • Thong panties – only for “special” cases. Wear regular natural and breathable underwear every day.
  • The constant use of panty liners is taboo. If a woman simply cannot do without these funds, then you need to go to the gynecologist.
  • Let your intimate zone breathe. Wear loose clothing, dresses, skirts and stockings instead of tights and tight jeans.
  • By regularly following these tips, you will make your visits to the gynecologist prophylactic, and yourself, healthy and happy.
  • Recall earlier we wrote that personal care products should be as clean and safe as possible, because your health and appearance depend on it.

One of the most delicate parts of the body are the genitals, they not only perform the reproductive function, but also bring immense pleasure in human life. In order for the sexual organs to bring pleasure and fulfill their function, it is necessary to properly care for them since childhood, both for boys and girls. We recommend to get acquainted, what is better to wash? When it comes to the Yonieggs safety then you should think about it.

How It Is Correct To Care About The Sexual Organs Of Boys

Care for the genitals of boys is much easier than for the genitals of girls. To clean the boy’s genitals, it is enough to use ordinary baby soap; you should not use different perfumery and special means for the care of the genitals. Care for the genitals of boys lies in the fact that under the flesh of the head of the penis accumulates dirt that needs to be removed, it also uses regular baby soap, and removes dirt by pulling off the foreskin, soaping and quickly removing soap and dirt from the head of the penis . Do not use antiseptics and other aggressive substances; ordinary baby soap is enough to remove all the dirt and germs.

How It Is Correct To Care for the Gender Organs of Girls

Care for the sexual organs of a girl is much more difficult than for boys. So that the girl’s genitals are not irritated and inflamed, it is necessary to carry out the following procedure for the care of the girl’s genitals. Bathing girls is only necessary in clean water and a clean bath, otherwise microbes and dirt can easily penetrate into the girl’s genitals and cause irritation. During bathing, the genitals of the girl are washed exclusively from front to back in order to minimize the penetration of water and dirt into the genitals from the anus. After the bathing procedure is completed, it is necessary to dry the girl’s genitals with a sterile cloth, soaking the cloth in the area of ??the slit, labia and inguinal crease. We recommend reading how to wash in the morning?

General Rules for the Care of the Sexual Organs of Girls and Boys

Remember, it is advisable to flush the genitals of girls and boys every time you change a diaper, and if you don’t use diapers, then every time after emptying, you will reduce the likelihood of irritation and inflammation. It is worth remembering that in relation to the boy it is not necessary to clean the foreskin every time after changing diapers, you just need to wash the baby and gently wipe his genitals.

How It Is Correct To Care for the General Organs of Men

The male genital organ is already a fully formed organ that requires quite careful and careful care. And so, in order to keep the male genitals clean, they need to be washed daily, this is done as follows. First of all, the testes are soaped, then the pubis, the sexual organ itself and the head of the sexual organ. When soaping, pay special attention to the head of the penis, to do this, pull off the foreskin, soap the head, bridle and nimbus, then wash the soap from the head of the penis and release the foreskin, then you need to soap the anus area and only after that you need to wash off the soap from the genitals . For the care of the male genitals, you can use both special care products and the usual non-flavored soap of medium concentration. Why you should pay special attention to the head of the genital organ, because for a day, and especially during the night, the male ejaculate spontaneously stands out in a small quantity, but sufficient to cause pollution and subsequent inflammation of the genital head, if it is not washed off. We recommend to get acquainted, HOW TO REMOVE MAKEUP?

One of the most important conditions for the care of the genital organs is the need to maintain cleanliness, so try to change your underwear daily, and you should only have underwear made of cotton or natural fabrics.

How It Is Correct To Care forthe Woman’s Genital Organs

An adult woman should carefully monitor and care for her genitals, since the mucous membrane is very sensitive and vulnerable. When washing the female genital organs, you should move your hand from the pubis to the anus, otherwise, you can add pathogenic microbes inside, the same thing when you take a shower, the jet should be from the pubis to the anus and when wiping with toilet paper, the movements are similar to the movements of the hand when washing away. When using a towel, wipe gently, it is desirable to have a soft special towel for intimate hygiene. If you use regular soap for the care of the female genitals, they can only wash the skin, and for the mucous membrane you need to use special gels and soaps for intimate hygiene. If you have come critical days, you should not take a bath and swim in ponds and pools. At the time of critical days, female genitals are more susceptible to infection than on normal days, so at this time it is desirable to refuse sexual intercourse. Try to use underwear only from natural yarn, for example, cotton. Try to wash your genitals at least once a day.